Five Myths about Personal Injury Law Debunked


When you suffer from injury due to a third person’s negligent behaviour, a personal injury case can be filed. With the help of a personal injury attorney in Albuquerque, you can receive the compensation you deserve. Yet, some common myths about personal injury law still linger. These myths can have a deep impact on your course of action.

Here are some important facts about personal injury law.

Myth 1: Personal injury law applies only to cases involving severe injury and damage

You might have been lucky enough to escape the accident with a few minor injuries. But, sometimes the effects of an accident might not be apparent right away and problems can develop. You may have suffered injuries to your neck or lower back which over time can cause you serious pain. Accidents can also be the cause of future mental anguish. That’s why it’s important to seek legal advice from an Albuquerque personal injury lawyer

Myth 2: Personal injury cases demand high litigation fees

Most victims opt out of personal injury claims because they do not want to spend their hard-earned money on litigation fees. But, the truth is that most cases reach a settlement outside of court. Most insurance companies consider it better to settle the case as soon as possible avoiding a lengthy litigation process.

Myth 3: The result of the personal injury claim is in the hands of the police

The police officer who responds to your accident will gather details about the incident and prepare a report. They may assign blame to one of the involved parties. But, this is not the final verdict and it is the sole right of the court to make a judgment. So, if you feel that the police have mishandled your case contact an Albuquerque personal injury attorney to help you.

Myth 4: Filing a personal injury claims is not time bound

After an injury, you may not want to focus on filing a personal injury claim instead choosing to focus on your health and well-being. Although you may feel like putting it off, it’s important to talk to a personal injury attorney in Albuquerque, NM, as soon as possible. The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in New Mexico is three years.

Myth 5: Personal injury cases take forever to conclude

As mentioned earlier, most personal injury cases settled out of court and as early as possible. Cases that have that go to court also can reach verdict within a year. Some parties settle for mutual compensation before a trial.

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