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    The Lucero Law Office, LLC, your best personal injury lawyer in Albuquerque

    The Lucero Law Office, LLC in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is dedicated to providing personalized legal representation. Founded by Albuquerque attorneys Christopher P. Lucero and Leon F. Howard III, The Lucero Law Office, LLC is experienced in the areas of Criminal Defense, Civil Rights, and Personal Injury.

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    The Lucero Law Office, LLC

    Email Addresses Law Office: contactus@lucerolawoffice.com Chris Lucero: chris@lucerolawoffice.com

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    Super personal injury attorneys in albuquerque, New Mexico

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    Our team of attorneys at The Lucero Law Office have over 15 years of combined experience, plus the energy and vigor to take on all of your legal challenges. We the best personal injury lawyer in Albuquerque bring experience, knowledge, and teamwork to help tackle any of the legal problems life may throw your way. Take some time to get to know us here, and give us a call to find out more. More Attorneys

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    Why do I need a lawyer?

    Lawyers are trained legal professionals who can explain the laws to you; help you evaluate your options; negotiate or mediate conflicts with other people; prepare letters, court forms or other legal documents for you; and represent you in court. The Law Office of Lucero & Howard’s lawyers offer free initial consultations.

    Are personal injury lawyers in Albuquerque New Mexico required to graduate from law school and pass the bar exam?

    While in some states lawyers are not required to attend an accredited law school to become a lawyer, New Mexico Lawyers are required to attend an accredited law school and pass the New Mexico bar exam before practicing law.

    Can I have my record cleared or expunged?

    In New Mexico it depends. If your name or other identifying information was used by another person who was arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime you can petition to have your record expunged.